Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wii Wii Wii All the Way Home

So, watch MTV's Pimp My Ride lately? No, us neither. But apparently in the UK the show's really popular (They have morons in the UK, too? Go figure).

Anyway, we figured the UK version of Pimp My Ride deserves some props (that's us, down with the homeys) because while normally bright purple cars with huge gold lettering across the back windshield leave us cold, there's another aspect of "pimping" we can definitely get on board with:

Obviously the interior of a small hatchback isn’t the ideal environment for the frantic wand-waving required by most Wii games, so the modders have done the sensible thing and installed the console in the boot. Pop the trunk and a 19-inch LCD jumps to attention, letting you stand behind the motor and jump around with the Wiimote to your heart’s content.

We'd give them our car and let them purple-it-up royally (porphyrogene?) for the chance at a 19-inch LCD hooked up to a Wii in the trunk. Niiice.

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