Saturday, April 7, 2007

Haven't I Heard That Somewhere Before?

Hey, remember when we reported on the whole PS3 20g going bust thing HERE?
Looks like it is finally getting reported in the mainstream news.

Best Buy has dropped the 20 gig PS3 from its stores, citing that 80% of the sales were for the 60 GB model...

Let me be among the first to proclaim the 20 gig PS3 officially dead. When Best Buy stopped selling them it was one thing, but when Sony stops carrying them in their stores? I think that's pretty much the nail in the coffin.

I say good riddance, this multiple-tiered system for consoles confused consumers and really did them no favor.

Italics, ours. From

Once again, Fuel the Rebellion ruins the curve for everyone else.

Yeah, we know. We rock. Feel free to comment on our greatness.

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