Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Jobs for Game Testers, Designers, Developers!

New jobs have posted over at our Job-A-Matic website for Game Testers, Designers and Developers! You can always click on the link on the sidebar for the Fuel the Rebellion job site.

FREE to job seekers!

You can read about what it takes to become a game tester here.

Employers, post your jobs on the Fuel the Rebellion job site for $5/2 wks.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Midnight Madness: Halo 3 is FINALLY here!

I picked up the phone over the weekend and heard this, "Hello, this is Gamespot..."

It was a recording reminding me to pay the balance on my reserved copy of Halo 3. For any of you with attention deficit, remember you can pick up those reserved copies at MIDNIGHT tonight.

And if you didn't reserve a copy, WTF were you thinking?! This is Halo 3, moron!

Seriously, the game is looking good, and we'll have a review posted here in a few days once I've thoroughly vetted the game along with resident gamers Fuzzy Truffle (his name kills me) and Edible Sofa, who has recently started calling himself God (as his gamertag, he's thought he was God for a while. heh)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Simply the Best Game Trailer Ever

Friday, September 14, 2007

PS3 Little Big Planet - GDC 07 Online Co-op Trailer

Coming soon--Now, does this look like a Nintendo game to you, too? Anyway, Little Big Planet is scheduled for release at the beginning of 2008.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Is Sony looking to launch playstation phone? Madcatz takes over Take-Two divison

Rumors abound that Sony Ericsson is upping the mobile phone competition, recently brought to a head by Apple's successful launch of the iphone, by introducing a playstation-themed gaming phone.

According to PocketGamer.com, spokesman Peter Ahnegard from Sony Ericsson hedged, “It’s obviously something that we’re looking at but right now I can’t really comment. Before Christmas, certainly … but exactly which Christmas I can’t confirm”.

Projected launch date for the playstation-themed phone from Sony is prior to February of next year.


In other news, on Friday Take-Two announced it was selling off its videogame accessories division, Joytech, to Mad Catz, known for their third-party accessories and console controllers.

Take-Two is the publisher of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto IV and the just-released contender for Game of the Year, BioShock.