Friday, March 9, 2007

Leave my Computer Alone!

Ever watch those CSI shows? You know, the ones where the forensics guys are practically Robocop? They don't just autopsy the body and take DNA samples. They set up mock simulations. They threaten the suspects. They get the confession and the conviction--they do it all.

Now, I don't know about you, but I had no idea that our local law enforcement not only had this huge budget to spend on all this fancy equipment, but the hours of spare time to spend on each and every death-that-starts-out-looking-like-a-suicide-but-really-is-a-cleverly-disguised-

But apparently they do (it's on TV so it must be true!). And that's bad news for you if you're the criminal mastermind behind the murder. Because although you thought of almost everything, apparently you are too much of a dumbass to buy that rope at Home Depot instead of the Custom Rope Store That Only Sells to Three Guys in the Area.

And another thing: you forgot about your computer. All that porn you got off of the internet? It's still there.

And what about the poor guy who didn't do anything, the one who just happens to like a little porn now and then? Forget it, he's toast. In those shows, everyone who has porn on his computer IS guilty.

So, obviously, good upright citizens like yourself need to keep your computer clean. No sense being mistaken for a criminal, right?

So how do you do that, anyway?

You'll want to start with the registry. Most computer crashes are a direct result of registry problems. Cleaning it out, if you do it right, optimizes your computer's speed and internet connection. Do it wrong (in other words, try to muck around too much yourself without the proper software program), and you could cause a crash yourself.

There's a number of programs available for registry cleaning; this one offers a free scan to start out with. I recommend trying it out to see if you like it before purchasing:

Your next step is to protect your computer from viruses, trojans, spam, and adware brought about, through no fault of your own, as a result of surfing booby-trapped sites trying to take hold of your computer and your money. ShieldPro 2007 offers both a powerful firewall and fast-scanning antivirus monitoring/protection, with free technical support for the first year (renewals are just $14.99 each additional year). Readers of Fuel the Rebellion get $20 off by linking from this post:

Finally, we come to the all-important internet porn solution. Why not just clear your internet history and drop the files into the recycle bin? Here's why:

Windows Recycle bin only deletes the files that you see ... not the actual data on your harddrive. Until the file location on your hard disk is overwritten many times, the files can be completely recovered using many available computer programs, or even simple computer commands. Deleted files are the first thing hackers, privacy thieves, and other computer experts look for when they are trying to recover sensitive information from your computer or discarded disks. Also, employers routinely search for 'deleted' files to discover information about employees.

That last bit is especially disturbing--is that even legal, let alone ethical, searching through your employees' deleted files?! In any event, all you need is the right tool for the job. What you need is a program that writes, and re-writes, over the place where the deleted file used to be (if that doesn't make sense, read and re-read the last sentence until it does).

WinShredder, optimized to work with all Windows operating systems, does the trick admirably, even throwing in some extras: this program removes everything from cookies to chat transcripts, audio, video and image files.

Unlike other programs, there's no wipe limits: If you have OCD, you can write over the deleted files a thousand times if you want. There's also a special "Do Not Shred" option for all those files you need to keep your computer running, so there's no nasty accidents. Again, updates and tech support are yours gratis for the first year.

Download now using the special Fuel the Rebellion link, and you'll save ten bucks.

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