Wednesday, August 1, 2007

300 video hits the streets

If you saw Fuel the Rebellion's review of 300, you know it had us gushing, with its stunning visual intensity and viscerally graphic action scenes. We're hoping 300 sets the trend for more graphic novels moving to the screen with high-quality renditions like this one.

Based on Frank Miller's highly fictionalized account, 300 dramatically re-enacts the Battle of Thermopylae, When 300 Spartan soldiers fought to the last man, strategically defending a narrow mountain pass from Emperor Xerxes and his huge assaulting Persian army. Though ridiculously outnumbered, the small band of highly-trained Spartans used the terrain and their superior fighting skills to devastate the Persians, who suffered so many losses that they had to fall back and regroup, enabling the Greeks time to mount a full-scale naval assault upon the advancing Persian fleet.

Historically, The Spartans then returned full-force to head a pan-Greek army against the Persians, and in the decisive Battle of Plataea, they routed Xerxes and the advance of the Persians completely, ending the Greco-Persian war and the expanson of the Persian Empire into Europe for good.

And in Frank Miller's fictionalized version? Xerxes is about 8 feet tall, golden and godlike, seductively persuasive and utterly corrupt.

Also, the intimidating Imperial body guard "immortals" have scary masks and jump like ninjas.

And don't even get us started on giant claw-handed lobster guy.

And now 300 is out on DVD, HD and Blueray.

We picked up a copy on Blueray yesterday, armed ourselves with popcorn and Sourpatch Kids and screened it on the PS3. In a word? Outrageous. We were giddy as school kids on Christmas morning.

Total ass-kicking action, up-close and personal, complete with incredibly detailed slow-motion decapitations.

You just can't ask for more than that.
DVD Blueray

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