Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's Quiet Now...Too Quiet

We boarded up the windows with the plywood we used to use when the big storms threatened. Funny how we used to think that was our biggest worry. The

younger kids have been polishing up on their skills, hitting the Xbox 360 in turns while the rest of us kept guard at the windows, peeking through the sunlit splits where the wood doesn't quite line up. We think we're safe for now--they seem to prefer the night for their attacks--but it's only a matter of time before the pizza and Twizzlers run out, and someone will have to go for a food run.

By unspoken consent, we've avoided the Walmarts where they congregate, and hit the small mom-and-pop operations for the staples--soda for the caffeine buzz to keep us going, zippo lighters (fire still scares the hell out of 'em, but we're not sure how long that will last; with each successive raid, they seem to grow more cunning), any potential weapons we can lay our hands on. Billy and Dimitri came up with some kind of improvised flame-thrower we load up with Aqua-net Hairspray and let fly--you should have seen their little faces light up when the undead turned crispy.

Makes me hopeful for the next generation, when we finally get out of this.

If we ever get out of this.

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